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West Foster

In one of the quietest parts of the city, West Foster mixes traditional architecture with contemporary comforts. A nine-story building called West Foster contains 20 units in different layouts. The location of the flats has a big impact on how big they are. Nicely positioned apartments and maisonettes with three and four bedrooms are available from floors one through seven. The beginning of the penthouses is on the eighth and ninth levels.
The building includes a divided lifestyle lane where tenants may utilize a business center, a pool, a spa, a sauna, a gym, restaurants, a bar, lounges, a café, a hair salon, and even a gaming section. A range of unit types are visible on the outside; lower-floor duplexes and simplexes preserve some seclusion while offering stunning views of the lagoon. As a fully encased limestone neo-classical luxury property with classically styled finishes and an interior painted in muted tones to complement the exterior’s milky color, the West Foster apartment complex stands out.

Facts and Figures

Ikoyi, Lagos

Models and Drawings

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