Pieach Limited



Strategic Planning

Keeping in mind that one of our core values are developing a symbiotic relationship between buildings, people and the environment, each project is analyzed with the aim of creating environments that answer to specific needs of the client. At Pieach ltd. we endeavor to create sustainable projects assisted by technological advances achieved through building materials and processes. We develop action plans for each project based on client’s objectives and visions.



With over 100 built projects spanning more than 20 years, Pieach is evolving in its building languages while constantly reinventing itself to remain at the forefront of architecture in Nigeria and the continent of Africa. Through design we strive to create communities that enable positive change through sustainable architecture. Pieach now operates in 4 countries on the African continent and looking to expand to other countries.


Interior Architecture

Our approach to interior design is collaborative and combined with discerning artistry, technique and meticulous attention to detail, Pieach is able to achieve light, warmth and calmness in any space. With an uncompromising adherence to internationally accepted standards of performance, and access to the finest craftsmen and manufacturers in the world, our interior projects turn out not only to be very innovative and forward thinking but exceptionally simple with the capacity to inspire and elevate.


Project Management

Initiating and overseeing the hybrid of tasks deadlines and consultants required to successfully pull off a project calls for a management team that is constantly available, and knowledgeable about innovation, Project execution plus a professional commitment to a critical path that ensures a timely delivery on schedule, budget and quality assurance. At Pieach, we guarantee this level of progress.


Landscape Design

The art of adapting the natural environment to create a sense of well-being and order is the foundation of our landscape philosophy. We focus on the unique relationship between art, architecture, engineering and the context of the environment when designing our landscapes. Sustainability of inbuilt spaces also dictate that green areas right from the inception of the design, creating a balance of the natural and the man-made.

Sustainable Design

Being one of our core values and goals we push for projects which champion regenerative approaches to cities and neighborhoods. We include in our design, social and environmental strategies that balance energy, water and livability.

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