Pieach Limited


UBA Head Office

This design will be the head office of one of the most important banks in Africa, UBA in Ghana and the West Africa region. It is anticipated to be a dynamic, invigorating workplace for the 21st-century office on all 8 floors and 2 parking basement floors.
The building is cladded on three sides with façade glass, thus driving natural daylight into the core of the building while connecting to amenities. A sculptural spiral staircase promotes walking between floors, providing additional opportunities for chance encounters and the exchange of ideas. Energy-efficient glass interior and exterior walls will bring natural daylight into the office floors and offer views of the city and airport. With a basement parking facility that parks 75 vehicles, the building will be equipped with a gym, a crèche, storage on the first floor, banking halls, meeting rooms, and auditoriums on different levels. Other peculiar designs include double-volume lobbies and an exclusive penthouse office with a terrace.

Facts and Figures

Accra, Ghana
16,800 sqm

Models and Drawings

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