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specialist hospital

Specialist Hospital

The burns specialist hospital is a specialized hospital with specific needs for burns patients. outfitted with cutting-edge amenities and meticulously planned for patient convenience in accessing medical treatment. It is also built to meet the needs of patients, their visitors, and employees.
The 32-bedroom extended stay facility starts on the basement floor of the building with the parking lot, a staff dining area, a kitchen, and a medicinal gas plant, among other facilities. On the other 5 floors are the reception, the mini-theatres, the administrative and records office, the restaurant, pharmacy, server room, ICU, operating rooms, laboratory, clinic, imaging, conference rooms, library, suites, and VIP rooms. The sixth floor, which is the top floor, is a residence for the specialists. It has a lounge, a gym, a swimming pool, and a roof terrace. This project is designed as a highly energy-efficient and sustainable facility and expresses the commitment of the client to the environment. The elevations have double façades, in this case an inner glass and an external aluminum sunshading device with an intermediate space. These double façades are intended to prevent the greenhouse effect, which is difficult to control using louvers. This double façade forces up the hot air circulation on the inside, eliminating it quickly. The energy-efficient system is completed with a ventilated double cover formed by metal panels that meet three functions: the protection of the air conditioning machinery, the passive solar lighting control optimizing the circulation of air, and the support of the photovoltaic panels. The hospital, which is a cutting-edge establishment, is self-sufficient and furnished to suit the requirements of contemporary health management.

Facts and Figures

Ikoyi, Lagos
9,600 sqm

Models and Drawings

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