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Meadow hall

Meadow Hall

This three-storey post-modern school complex, though its design style and colour was built to fulfil specific expectations aimed at providing a learning atmosphere, a safe and welcoming environment for its many pupil occupants, effective use of common spaces, and support use beyond the school day.
The different areas that make up the school complex area are linked by continuously covered walkways, ensuring accessibility to all areas. Separate vehicular entrances, drop-off areas, and parking lots help prevent accidents and curb traffic build-up. The school complex provides both educational and recreational facilities. The educational facilities consist of administrative units, an infant school, and a junior school. The recreational amenities include a standard-sized swimming pool, a school hall, a dining hall, a covered play area, a gym, and a clubhouse. Situated on the ground floor is the administrative unit, which is a focal point of the school building and easily accessible. Here you will find the reception, bookshop, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, head teacher’s office, secretariat unit, principal’s office, and accounts office. Available on the ground floor are the infant and junior schools, with sufficiently spaced classroom floor areas, allowing flexibility and integration of several mind-enriching activities, with windows made in different geometric shapes and colours to create a less intimidating, learning-friendly environment. The sick bay and covered play area are also amenities that are available on the ground floor, providing health care and recreation respectively, in a well-planned and fitting environment. On the first floor, there is administrative unit 2, made up of the administrative manager’s office, a meeting room, a waiting room, a secretary’s office, a director’s office, a staff lounge, a conference room, and an open office. The junior school also has their classrooms on this floor. The classrooms are for the older pupils in classes from primary 2 to 4, aiding interactions between these age groups. The art and speech studio educational facilities are also located on this floor, as are storage and convenience. Finally, on the second floor, you have the library, audio-visual studio, junior school, open office and crèche. The library is centrally situated away from all forms of noise-generating activities, and beside it is the audio-visual studio, situated right next to the library for ease of access to educational slides and materials to be viewed without having to go far. The third level of the building also houses the last two classes of the junior school from primary 5 to primary 6, with educational facilities including the science and computer laboratories.

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Lekki, Lagos
6,500 sqm

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