Pieach Limited



The planned project is intended to deliver a single, ecologically responsible, and sustainably constructed six-story office structure. In a single office tower, the facility will hold all office functions as well as ancillary and support programs for the workplaces, including gyms, guest homes, and recreational amenities.
This strategy lessens the physical footprint of the BAT facilities in any given location, thereby allowing for the inclusion of landscape and green elements. The requirement to develop a progressive shape that is compatible with contemporary international office headquarter facility design served as the inspiration for our style. It’s a design that is memorable enough to enhance the BAT brand and foster a feeling of place for both the facility’s users and guests. The geometry of the protective paper foil and plastic layers of a typical cigarette pack is used to create the creases and folds of the mostly glass structure. These folds provide a building envelope with planes specifically on the roof for solar panels, aid with natural illumination for deep office areas, and encourage greater views of the outside from the workplaces.

Facts and Figures

Ikoyi, Lagos
+/-7200 sqm

Models and Drawings

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