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Abeokuta Shopping Centre

Abeokuta Shopping Centre

Abeokuta city center retail and leisure center is located in Abeokuta which is a very important town in southwest Nigeria. The aim was to activate developmental growth in the city center by developing the city center and environment. The total area to be redeveloped is 314,894 sqm, out of which 100,000 sqm was earmarked for the retail and leisure center.
While the focal point of the development is the external amphitheatre, the pedestrian arcades constitute the building’s major circulation routes, linked to the Wole Soyinka train station in Abeokuta. The public plaza intermingles with the amphitheatre and creates the central axis of the 46,000 sqm retail and leisure complex. The complex consists of line shops, supermarkets, cinemas, food courts and restaurants, an amphitheatre, parking, and bulk stores. The sloping site was used to create multileveled parking and storage and was also used to create the levels of the outdoor entertainment areas.

Facts and Figures

Ogun State
46,000 sqm

Models and Drawings

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