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walter smith towers

Walter Smith Towers

The proposed structure would be a single, 10,000-square-meter gross floor area, ten-story office tower that would be environmentally responsible, conspicuous on the skyline, and sustainable. By locating all service and support facilities below the raised ground level, the project achieves a near perfect efficiency coefficient. The urge to develop a complicated shape that is both traditional in its simplicity and current in its application motivated our style. In order to preserve thermal comfort in the tropics, recent technological advancements have given us materials that are lighter, more elegant, and more cost- and energy-effective. By centralizing and standardizing the vertical access/service core, we also attempted to maximize the floor plate’s efficiency. The project’s focus on sustainability and creating a green building is crucial.
The façade design is an interplay between the exterior and interior. It opens one world to another. The envelope is how a building performs, how it expresses itself, similar to how a garment makes a fashion statement. On this project, it’s not only the building’s character but also its function. The second façade, made of thoughtfully crafted metal, wraps around the building and helps communicate the structure’s multi-faceted purpose. Firstly, around the building, the air cavity in double skin is called upon to minimize the radiant heat gain from the exterior to the interior occupied zones. Secondly, around the terraces, they form a permeable skin around the terraced gardens and elevated green spaces on various levels. The building has a total of 209 parking spots (including 12 spaces for people with disabilities and 10 places for fuel-efficient vehicles (FEV)), a drivers’ lounge, bicycle storage, roof gardens, a data center, and service facilities.

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Ikoyi, Lagos

Models and Drawings

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