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Private Residence

Private Residence

The five-bedroom house has the undeniable essence of elegant design that is expertly melded with the warm, cheery atmosphere that is the hallmark of a family home.
The estate features a wonderful pool with an outdoor lounge and access to a private deck and boats, as well as a gorgeous mother and child statue water fountain between the gate and entry porch, and an impressive automobile port next to the entrance porch. One is enticed by the house’s attractive front to explore the grandeur that awaits inside by entering via the entryway. The entertainment area, a powerful private lounge, two kitchens to handle all the cooking requirements and make family cookouts stress-free, and a first-rate large formal dining room for entertaining guests are all located on the ground level. The enormous master bedroom, private lounge, guest room, and living room are all located on the first level, which also has a patio. This five-bedroom house plan was carefully created with the intention of creating a home that brings the family together in a cozy and contemporary setting.

Facts and Figures

Banana Island
893 sqm

Models and Drawings

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