Pieach Limited



The proposed 5-star luxury hotel is located in the capital city of Ikeja, Lagos less than a Kilometer from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and would offer an unparalleled service to travellers.
The hotel has two wings which are connected by a covered atrium to create a dynamic composition. Acoustic glass is used as a soundproof from the noise of the airport and environment. The parametric fa├žade design as an architectural element provides natural ventilation with daylighting levels which also creates a sense of unity and variety between the two wings, and constitutes a unique piece of +large-scale urban composition with aesthetic emphasis. The hotel is equipped with a total of 340 guestrooms which are generously sized, underground parking that parks over 228 cars, with amenities including outdoor spaces, a restaurant, bar, function hall, gym and spa. One signature space of the hotel includes an overflowing infinity pool and a generous roof-top garden. The atrium gives guests ease of access to both wings of the hotel, making it seamless to access all the facilities and experiences the Hilton boasts of.

Facts and Figures

Ikeja, Lagos

Models and Drawings

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