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Chrome Group

The building, which has 11 stories, uses a network of connected sustainability techniques. The structure sets new benchmarks for high-performance design while showcasing novel possibilities. The massing of the tower would follow “an iconic shape” and would enhance vistas of other structures and the lively neighborhood.
A gorgeous, clear, towering water fountain is located outside the building’s main entrance, and the structure is encircled by trees and grass, creating a serene, lush green environment. The structure’s attractive appearance is a result of the use of cutting-edge materials and design techniques that also provide an office area that is ecologically friendly. Instead of using interior blinds, as required by the Chrome Group Tower’s facade, the exterior shade protects vistas and decreases UV radiation exposure. Since the Chrome Group Tower’s facade is mostly made of glass single-blade curtain walls, the exterior shade maintains views and minimizes UV light exposure without the need for inside blinds. A rooftop green space, a rainwater collecting system that might make the building self-sufficient in terms of water supply, a thoughtfully designed parking lot with a capacity for 221 cars, and access for people with disabilities are among the building’s features.

Facts and Figures

Port-Harcourt, Rivers.
13,600 sqm

Models and Drawings

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