Pieach Limited



The 11-storey structure is situated on the well-known Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, with the Lagos Nigeria Law School on one side and the lagoon on the other.
Creating a promenade by the side of the building makes an avenue for multiple uses of the ground-floor recreation spaces. The spacious atmosphere stands out from the bustling street of the environs and consists of a leasable restaurant area, large leasable office spaces, a waterfront pantry and lounge, ground-level parking spots, a helipad, and training rooms. The building’s iconic reflection on the water creates a stunning landmark just by the foot of the bridge. The glass panels themselves will be curved according to the design and specially detailed in order to increase energy efficiency through the adjustable input of natural light and to provide a rich view of the Lagos Cowry Creek.

Facts and Figures

Victoria Island
10309.34 sqm

Models and Drawings

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